Top last-minute moving tips

Did you ever have to move home in a week? This question alone makes me feel anxious and stressed. Imagine having to pack you stuff to boxes, clean the whole house or apartment top to bottom and then transport them to a new place. If this happens you need to be quick, efficient and focused! Here are a few tips to give you straight to the point guidance in the time of huge stress.

  • Straight off the bat hire a mover! Let’s be real, you have absolutely no time to make 10 trips to you new place with all your items. The moving company I hired when I moved to Chicago did everything for me. Even helped me carry some things. Do this to safe valuable time.
  • Go pack now! There is absolutely no free time. Go straight to moving after work, before work and maybe even during work. Create a list of all the items you must take with you, divide them to boxes and then assign a number of boxes a day that you need to pack and DO IT!
  • Get help with packing. Get your partner and friends to do some tasks for you so that you can focus on most important tasks. You might need some persuading to do but everyone loves pizza and other free food.
  • Keep it cool! Do not make it something it is not. You need to get things done so you can stress after it has been completed. As mentioned before, make lists and clear achievable goals to tick and don’t stress until it has been achieved.

These few short and quick tips can be a the best way to guide yourself in the moving process. Look back at them whenever you feel like you need more structure and guidance while relocating.

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