The Right Cat Furniture for your Cat

Do you know that there are different types of cat furniture in the market like the condos, scratchers, towers and trees? There is more to add to the list. The duty of the cat owner is to select the best furniture that is suitable for their cat.

The Cat’s Personality

Choosing the furniture for the cat is not an easy task. It differs according to the age, size and the cat’s interest in things. Only the cat owner will know all these things and thus, can select the right one.

  • If the cat is old and is not very active, then a big tree is not a good choice. Instead, some short furniture can be selected like beds or condos that provide comfort to the cats.
  • If the cat is very young, then they always love to play, climb and explore things. Do cats like cat trees? Yes, these young cats do. Consider buying a tall tree that offers more opportunity to climb, scratch and play.
  • If the cat’s character is to play in enclosed areas, then items like tunnel, cradle or just a play house would be a better choice.
  • If the cat wants to scratch more than climbing or sleeping or playing, then a scratching post or carpet will be a good choice.

Every cat has its own choice and the owner must know about it before buying one.

Buying a Cat Tree

While choice of the play things depends upon the character of the cats, most of the cats are playful and active. Hence, they like the idea of a tree. Here are some ways of choosing the right ones.

  • If your cat is a great climber, then the tree can be tall otherwise, choose a model depending on the cat’s ability.
  • Choose a tree that is both sturdy and stable.
  • If there are many components in the tree, it would be interesting for the cat as it can play, explore, scratch and rest. But make sure they can hold the weight of the cat.
  • If you have a super-sized cat, try to buy trees with hole or tunnels that are large enough.

Make your home cat-friendly!

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