Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

Everyone’s talking about them. They are the target of every cleaning product that is advertised. We’re talking about germs here. These microscopic creatures seem to pervade every nook and corner of the house. Surface cleaning, dusting, and mopping the house seems to be not enough. Germ-free or germ minimization seems to be the cleaning mantra these days.

But before you start worrying about germs and trying hard for a germ-free environment in your house, it is worth knowing that one can never be entirely free of germs. Here are some great healthy options of cleaning we offer to you to limit these microscopic creatures – allergens and germs that don’t turn your house into a sterile laboratory.

  • It is important to use a disinfectant to mop-clean your house.
  • Use a simple germ-free or anti-bacterial cleaning liquid to clean your dishes, kitchen counters and sinks. The kitchen sink is the place that breeds the maximum germs in the house. So, after every cleaning and eating activity, wash the dishes, and dry them. If using a dishwasher, use it meticulously and don’t allow dirty dishes (a breeding haven) for germs to accumulate in your sink.
  • Keep the food covered always. Clean the kitchen cabinets and draws every once in a while to keep gunk from accumulating.
  • Vacuum your carpets regularly; clean and change drapes and bed linen as a part of your cleaning routine. Wash them separately in clean warm water and do not mix them with your regular clothing. It is wise to use a cloth anti-bacterial disinfectant periodically to wash your inner garments. Wash your clothes regularly, every day if possible to prevent bacterial accumulation on dirty laundry.
  • The bathroom needs to be cleaned regularly. You can use disinfectant bathroom wipes and cleansers to clean the showerheads, taps and sinks. Change the bathroom doormat regularly. Clean the toilet flushes and seats with a strong disinfectant toilet cleaner.
  • Keep your toothbrushes covered and change them regularly.
  • If you have babies, toddlers and small children ensure that you disinfect their toys and playroom regularly.

Cleaning and disinfecting your house should become a routine. Then it will not seem to be too much of a hardwork.

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