Essential Home Improvement Kit

Every home needs some improvements here and there, most often. Home is the only place on earth, which is capable of bringing back your peace of mind and yourself.

Improvements happen in longer space and at the shorter span. Longer ones need a total renovation sort, while the shorter ones are just the quick fixes that were a problem due to wear and tear, like the jamming of the doors, window panes breaking, glass breaking, and electrical works.

To do such small works at home, a basic home improvement kit is very essential. The basic tools that are a must at every home are listed below. Please find them, and if you don’t have it all, grab them today.


Opening the tightly sealed paint cans, removing the battery from your child’s favourite toy, every such minute task needs a basic screwdriver. Screwdriver kits are basic at all homes, and they are available in all sizes and for all purposes. Check out for comfortable handling grips and magnetic ends of the drivers, before purchasing.

Plier set:

Pliers can sometimes be used as clamp too because they lock in a place perfectly. Pliers are all-rounders. We get adjustable pliers, lever-spanner pliers and so on.

Measuring tape:

When you need to buy something to fit properly in a place, you need to measure the width and length, and for this measuring tape is very necessary. This one is another basic essential at every home.


There is no toolbox without a hammer. Hitting the nails to the walls or wooden surfaces and pulling the unwanted ones back is the major work of hammer. Having a 16-inch long hammer is the best suited for home. These days’ hammers come in rubber, plastic, and vinyl.

Adjustable wrench or spanner:

Spanners or wrenches are again essentials, to tighten bolts, nuts etc.

Utility knife set:

To open up hard boxes, sharpen any bent edges, knife kit is useful. We recommend that you buy one with extra blade options and rubber fitted handles.


Looking to hang photos or bookshelves, TV units, leveller will make you fix them right.


Drilling machine: to make holes on the wooden surfaces or in the walls, drilling machine that Is now electrical and cordless is the best bet.

Hacksaw: to cut through the woods to make some simple shelves, this is essential.


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