Secondary Glazing For Sash Windows

Adding secondary glazing to sash windows has many benefits. This is especially useful in reducing the heat lost through the glass as well through the draughts that enter and leave the room. Using secondary glazing for windows helps to keep this in check.

Fitting secondary glazing to windows involves adding a second sheet of acrylic or glass to the inside of the window frame which acts as a protective film and prevents the loss of heat from the inside to the outside. From the outside, the appearance remains absolutely same and an observer will not even come to know that any kind of coating has been done on the windows.

There are several options by which this process can be carried out and all of them have long term benefits which means one the process is complete you won’t have to think about repairing, servicing or replacing your windows for a long time.


  • Incorporating secondary glazing on your windows are sure to cut down energy and heat loss to a large extent. You are likely to see a difference of at least one-third of the amount in your bills.
  • The glazing can also cut down on draughts which have a tendency to enter in from the gaps in the frames.
  • The best part of secondary glazing is that it is easily removable and that too without causing any damage to your windows.


  • If not taken care of or maintained properly then these windows are likely to get damaged.
  • Over a period of time, the glazing has been reported to start sagging. Regular maintenance and proper care is an absolute must if you want the glazing to last for a longer period.
  • Sometimes if the glazing is not done properly, windows tend to get jammed and makes the windows unopenable.

Companies who manufacture their own sash windows also do secondary glazing before final installation itself so that the treated windows can be installed at one go itself.…

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