How To Select A Pole Saw

How To Select A Pole Saw

Anyone who has lofty branched trees around his house would need to trim them once in a while. Now for doing that there can be two options, either to seek help from a professional or investing on tools which are meant for such purposes and then maintain those trees.

Well, if you are looking forward to making an investment on such tools like pole saw then here are some guidelines that can help you to choose the right kind of pole saw.

  • Always prefer a pole saw which has a good power-to-weight ratio.Do not go for heavy equipment since you will be needed to support it high up in the air.And if you hold it for a long time then it can be very difficult and painful for you. Hence, buy a pole saw which is lighter in weight.
  • Nowadays, mostly electric pole saw is available in the market because they are cost effective in terms of building and running unlike those models which were powered by gas, and their cutting power is also same. These are inexpensive as well and needs low maintenance which makes them perfect for the homeowners.
  • If your yard is small in size then a corded model can be enough for your purpose. You need not go for a battery pack. These are also very lightweight. But because of the cord they can reach to limited area.
  • If cutting needs to be done at 100 feet away from the socket then you can opt for cordless models of pole saw. For great energy usage, go for a pole saw with 8amp range.
  • In case, if you need to hit a lot of trees then you might require a gas powered saw because those cordless pole will support only for one or two hours.


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