Prevention And Control Of House Mouse

One of the most troublesome pests is the house mouse. Such mice can manage to survive in different conditions within and around the houses and farms. They are very problematic because they can spoil and consume your home food that was meant for your family and pets. Even the surfaces where you prepare your food can be contaminated by them with their feces. These feces can be responsible for food poisoning since it contains bacterium.

You can figure out the areas where mice are active by following the fresh gnawing, droppings and tracks. In sheltered locations, you can find mouse nests that are made from some fibrous materials and finely shredded papers. Their presence can also be identified by the characteristic odor they have. They can be seen mostly during daylights.

Certain steps can prevent and control the house mice. If you are from Glasgow then you can also find many mouse control Glasgow centers which can be helpful.

  • Your house must have a good sanitation because mice can live in areas which are very small and can manage with limited amounts of food. Thus, any place which stores food can be accessed by mice unless the place is ensured to be mouse-proofed. Not necessarily good sanitation will be able to eliminate mice completely but poor sanitation will definitely attract them for sure. Good sanitation will be helpful in reducing food and shelter for mice.
  • While constructing your house make sure it is mouse proof by eliminating any kind of small openings which can allow a mouse to enter the house. The kitchen where mostly food is stored and cooked should be kept safe from mice.
  • Trapping is also another commonly used method which can be effective when there are number of mice around. It does not use any poison which can affect your health.

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