The Different Types of Couches You Need to Get

Couches are one of the must-have pieces of furniture in most houses for you to sit, sleep and simply laze around. However, with a variety of couches available at the stores, it is quite confusing which one to buy. For this you need to understand the different couches that are available and then you can decide which couch suits you and your house equally.

Some of the modern day couches are:

  1. Two-seater or the loveseat – This is made for just two people with two or more cushions. So if you are a couple and want to save up on space then this is what you should go for. You can also place this as a small sitting arrangement in a rather largely space bedroom.
  2. Canapé – This is an ornamental three-seater sofa
  3. Cabriole – These sofas have a continuous design with back and arms of equal height. Most of the times cabriole arms fold inward, making it look like a long line from arm to arm.
  4. Sectional – As the name suggests, this is made by more from two, three or even four sections of which at least two pieces are joint at 90 degrees angle. The most common type of sectional sofas available is the L-shaped and U-shaped. It is ideal for large spaces and can be arranged to form a natural partition between two adjacent rooms of the house.
  5. Divan – This is one without a back hence, will look good if arranged against a wall with an array of pillows.
  6. Backless or partial-backed – This is also called the fainting couch
  7. Sofa beds or sleeper sofas – Now a days, people want more for less. Sofa beds are usually sofa cum beds, serving a dual purpose. The different types are:
    1. Pull Out Sofa Bed
    2. Futon
    3. Daybed
    4. Bunk Bed Sleeper

Some of the traditional couches that still make today’s homes look fantastic are:

  1. Lawson – This is a comfort sofa designed with a back consisting of pillows that are separate for its frame.
  2. Chesterfield – This consists of a sofa set with two additional matching chairs. They have a tufted design on the back and the arms. This type of sofa is ideal for traditional people or those who are planning a traditional set up for the house.
  3. Mid-century modern – This is an old model which has reversed the sands of time. The design is minimal and clean cut. So if you are going for optimal furniture with trim fits then this will make your house look fabulous.
  4. English – This sofa has low arms and a high back with tight upholstery and cushioned all over, even the arms.
  5. Bridgewater – One of the old models, this sofa is casual yet comfortable with low arms rolled to the side. This type of design suits most houses but not as popular as it was then.
  6. Camel back – As the name goes, this is a classic sofa which has a higher back in the center that bends down in a continuous line into the arms.
  7. Chaise Lounge – These fit only in bedrooms that are really huge in size or as an outdoor furniture along the poolside.
  8. Settee – This is a wide chair model similar to today’s two-seater but narrower. They are less comfortable and probably that’s how the loveseat evolved.

Let me end this post with sectional, loveseat and chaise lounge – these are the types of mini couches I got for my home.…

Tips On Choosing The Right Furniture

It is a fact that the moment you enter a house, the furniture makes the initial impressions. It is obvious that what appears visually appealing is the first one notice about the furniture. But again furniture is never just about looks, its sturdiness, its comfort and longevity is what decides whether it has actually good or not.

The furniture of a living room is usually where most of the impressions for the house are made. Most of the attention must be paid to the couch, chairs, and the coffee table along with other furniture of the living room.

Theme: The first and most important thing is that the room must have a theme. When you place random pieces of furniture together in a room, it ends up looking untidy and cluttered. Setting a theme for your room, gives it an appeal and visually comforting.

Space: utilizing the space of the given area is crucial, and so one must pay attention to the same while choosing furniture. Furniture that does not fit a corner well or appears too big or too little for the space makes the area appear uncomfortable. It is important one bear in mind the shape and size of the room before buying furniture.

Personal needs: While it is important to do up a room such that anyone who sees it likes it instantly, but what you need is definitely more important. If you have children in the house who are young, you might want to choose furniture with blunt or cushioned edges, or a pet in the house might have certain needs. One must bear all these factors in mind before making the purchase.

Fabric: The fabric of the upholstery is yet another crucial factor. While handmade fabrics are a latest hit and are here to stay, if you have kids or pets in the house, you might want to choose a fabric that is suitable for them.

One must bear in mind many factors and never buy furniture on impulse simply because it looks good in the store or in someone else’s house.…

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