How To Lose 20 Pounds In 60 Days?

Losing 20 pounds in 60 days is indeed a big goal to accomplish. To achieve this goal you will have to lose more than 2lbs per week. To lose one pound of fat you will have to burn 3500 calories per week either through eating less or burning more calories. Therefore to lose 2 lbs per week you will have to eliminate 7000 calories. This may not be possible to achieve considering your current body weight and level of activity. However, if you eat healthy foods and exercise on a daily routine you will start experiencing weight loss.

There are commercial weight loss programs that help you jumpstart your weight loss journey and help you lose maximum weight in the first month and later on a steady pace. For example, Nutrisystem is a well known diet program that helps you lose up to 2 lbs per week at a steady pace if you follow the guidelines recommended by them. You will be asked to follow the Turbo 13 plan in the first month which was recently launched by Nutrisystem. The program claims that this plan helps in accelerating your weight loss process and provides weight loss up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month. Visit Sky cube to understand how the program works and benefits dieters.

When you want to lose weight it is important that you track what you eat on a daily basis. Fill your plate with lots of nutritious foods and stay away from processed and refined foods. Ensure that you eat fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your daily diet and consume more of lean proteins, whole grains, low fat dairy options and healthy fats. No matter how busy you are do not rush through when eating meals. Take time to eat and munch the foods thoroughly and avoid second helping unless you are really hungry. All these small practices will certainly help you lose 20 pounds in 60 days.…

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