8 Incredible Power Inverter

Power Inverter as we all know converts the DC to AC. A household power inverter has its main role in converting the direct current to standard current in households. Though the statement seems quite simple to understand it is really hard when it comes to choosing a good power inverter to the household.

Checking on the different kinds of gadgets you want to attach to your power inverter will be your first step to choose a good power inverter.


Each appliance used at household have their own features. Similarly, power inverters in the market vary with their watts. Look at each specification properly have a list made on specifications of each gadget, this helps you to calculate the power required and thus choose a compatible power inverter.

The main purpose of having a power inverter at home is to make all the devices running at home when there is a shut down in the main electricity. Hence choosing important gadgets that have to be attached to the inverter has to be decided.

8 Best ones

  • The Bestek MRI3011BU
  • Energizer EN548
  • Safergo Ultra-Slim
  • Bestek MRI2011GU
  • Stanley PCI140
  • Duracell PS175
  • Power Bright PW1100-12
  • Rally 7413


Whilst selecting an inverter the most important point to be considered is the voltage of the power inverter. This is completely dependable on the kind of device you are going to power with the inverter. A check on the label of the device will help you choose the right kind of voltage. Most of the device comes with the watts and voltage the device can hold.


Finally look for wave output in your inverters. This is another step to be considered while you purchase a power inverter. A check on invertero.com will give you knowledge on the kind of inverter to be chosen.


Fitness Tips for New Moms

Being a first time mom does not mean that you have to ignore how you look. After giving birth to your precious little one, sleep is definitely out of the window. However, you do not have to give up on exercising as it not only helps you get back in shape, but also has proven to be an excellent stress buster. So, how do you manage to be fit with a baby tied around you all the time? Here are a few tips for all the new moms out there.

  1. Walk: Walking is one of the basic yet powerful exercises. It helps you burn calories and improves bone strength. It also keeps your heart healthy. You could either walk alone or take your baby out on a stroll as well.
  2. Tummy Time: Post pregnancy, you will have a lot of flab around your tummy so it is important to start losing the extra fat by doing some tummy exercises such as a few planks, lunges, crunches and some twists. If time permits go for a jog or a swim. Both helps your body get back in shape very soon.
  3. Household Chores: This is a good time to appreciate doing your household chores. Think of it as another form of exercise. Sweeping, moping or even laundry involve some amount of physical activity that helps you burn calories. You might not realise but these too are forms of squats and lunges.
  4. Baby-Free Time: If you have baby-care options then you definitely can make some time for yourself to hit the gym or practice yoga. You could also join some fun classes such as dance, aerobics or even gymnastics to get back in shape.

In addition to all these, many customized workout apps are available on your smart phones these days. Even the internet can provide you with oodles of information regarding fitness.

Therefore, it is important as a new mom that you set aside a few minutes every day to go through a series of guided exercises like stretches, cardio, strength training exercises or even meditation. Most of the workouts can be easily practiced at the comforts of your home. Remember you are not alone. For more information, check out fit2bmom.com today.


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